"Law for Landlords is a Lie"

My client was right . . .

"Law FOR landlords” is a cruel joke for most rental property owners.

Listen to her explain it . . .

“Maybe you meant to say ‘law FOR tenants,’ or ‘law FOR the city,’ or ‘law FOR bureaucrats’. Whoever or whatever you meant to say ‘law FOR . . . it always ends up as ‘law AGAINST the landlord’.”

It’s as true today as it was thirty some-odd years ago when I first came across the term in law school. Before I was a lawyer . . . before I was a judge . . . heck, even before I was a tenant . . . much less a landlord.

I have good news for you.

Law FOR landlords doesn't have to be a lie.

You can make the law work FOR you.

I didn't name this website “Law-for-Landlords.com” just because it has a nice ring to it. I named it because the law can work FOR you. YOU can make the law work for you.

That is what this site is all about . . . YOU making the law work FOR you.

Of course, nothing replaces having a competent lawyer by your side. So you should always seek the advice of an attorney in your town or city. Nothing you read on this site can replace that local, personal attention.

Still, there is something to be said for accepting personal responsibility. Make yourself the best you can be. YOU should learn how to make the law work FOR you. Why? . . .

  • You will MAKE MORE MONEY.

  • You will KEEP MORE MONEY.

  • You will FEEL SECURE.

Make the law work FOR you. That is what you and I are going to do.


Let’s start with the basics . . . your rental forms.

Pull out the landlord tenant law for your state.

What? . . . You don’t have a copy of your state’s laws?

Here is TIP NUMBER 1 . . . You must know your state landlord tenant law. You don’t have to memorize the law. But you do have to be able to get to it in a moment’s notice.


Why? . . .

If you don't know what your state law is, you can never be sure you are complying with the law!

If you aren't sure you are complying with the law, you probably aren't. And even if you are complying with the law . . . you can't sleep as well at night because you don't know, for sure, that you are.

This is important.

Let me say it again . . .

KNOW THE LAW! Even if you have a lawyer. (And you should have a lawyer).

Here's another reason why . . .

If you know the law, you can make the law work for you.

If you don't know the law, you can't make the law work for you.

And if the law isn't working FOR you . . . it is definitely working AGAINST you.

I can't emphasize this enough.

There is no substitute . . . There is no shortcut.


But I have more good news.

I’ve made it easy for you.

All of the states have put their Laws on the internet. I have created a link to your state's law. See the buttons on the left? Click on your state. You will find the link to your state's Landlord Tenant Laws on that page.

Here is TIP NUMBER 2 . . . Bookmark the page that has the link to your state’s Landlord Tenant laws. You are going to come back to it over and over.


Because the Landlord Tenant laws of your state define every action that you can take!

  • What provisions go in your residential lease? . . . your state law tells you.

  • What can you deduct from the security deposit? . . . your state law tells you.

  • What to do if the tenant pays his rent late? . . . your state law tells you.

It’s this simple: you MUST know the landlord tenant law of your state.

There is no alternative.

So go ahead. Click on your state.

Then bookmark that page.

Make it as easy as possible to quickly get to this valuable tool.

Now, back to the basics . . . your rental forms.

You've already bookmarked the page with the link to your state law. Right?

Well, here is some more good news for you.

You've also bookmarked the page with links to rental forms that have been custom drafted to fully comply with your state's laws.

I explain it in more detail on your state's form page. But here is a quick summary . . .

I make a list with 3 columns that details everything that the law says a landlord and a tenant MUST do, CAN do, and CAN'T do.

Every form is then run through that filter to ensure that it complies with your state law.

It's simple, and it works.


That’s right. FREE!

No catch. No gimmicks. (In fact, as you browse through this site, you will notice that everything is free. You can’t buy anything.)

And this is not an advertisement for legal services. I closed my law office when I became a judge. I never opened a law office again.

I have nothing to sell.

I’m a landlord, just like you.