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Agreement to Cosign

THIS AGREEMENT is made and entered into this ____ day of _______________, ____, by and between ___________________________________ (hereinafter referred to as "Landlord") and ________________________________________ (hereinafter referred to as "Cosigner," who resides at __________________________________________, and _____________________________, (hereinafter referred to as "Tenant"), for the Property located at __________________________________________________________.

This agreement shall serve as an addendum to the Residential Lease Agreement dated ___________________, _____, between Landlord and Tenant. A copy of the Lease is attached to this Agreement.

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Cosigner agrees to be jointly and severally liable with Tenant for Tenant's obligations arising out of the Residential Lease Agreement attached hereto, including but not limited to unpaid rent, property damage, and cleaning and repair costs. Cosigner further agrees that Landlord will have no obligation to give notice to Cosigner should Tenant fail to abide by the terms of the Residential Lease Agreement. Landlord may demand that Cosigner perform as promised under this Agreement without first using Tenant’s security deposit.

If Tenant assigns or subleases the Premises, Cosigner will remain liable under the terms of this Agreement for the performance of the assignee or sublessee, unless Landlord relieves Cosigner by written termination of this Agreement.

This Cosigner Agreement shall remain in full force and effect throughout the term of the lease period regardless of any extensions and/or changes in terms unless specified otherwise in writing by Landlord

Cosigner appoints Tenant as his or her agent for service of process in the event of any lawsuit arising out of this Agreement.

If Landlord and Cosigner are involved in any legal proceeding arising out of this Agreement, the prevailing party will recover reasonable attorney fees, court costs, and any costs reasonably necessary to collect a judgment.

THIS COSIGNER AGREEMENT is made on this ____day of, ____________ ,____

As to Landlord this ______ day of ________________________, _____. 


Sign: ___________________________________

Print: _________________________________ Date: ______________

As to Tenant, this ______ day of ________________________, _____. 


Sign: ___________________________________

Print: __________________________________ Date: ______________


Sign: ___________________________________

Print: __________________________________ Date: ______________

As to Cosigner, this ______ day of ________________________, _____. 


Sign: ___________________________________

Print: __________________________________ Date: ______________


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