Landlord's Entry Notice

Feel free to copy and paste this Landlord's Entry Notice onto your computer. Then work with it in your word processor. Format it. Modify it. Personalize it. Make it your own.

But always remember that the form is no substitute for the guidance of a competent, local lawyer. I strongly recommend that you take this to a lawyer in your town or city for review.

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Landlord's Notice of Entry

To: ______________________________________________

Date: ____________________________________________

Address of Leased Premises: ___________________________________________________

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Please be advised that the manager of the leased premises, or his agent, intends to enter your residence on ______________, ____, between the hours of _________ and _________. The reason for the entry is ______________________________________________________________________________________.

If you need to reschedule this entry for any reason, please contact the following person:

Name: __________________________________

Address: ________________________________

Telephone: _______________________________

Thank you for your cooperation.


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