Notice of Past Due Rent

Feel free to copy and paste this Past Due Rent Form onto your computer. Then work with it in your word processor. Format it. Modify it. Personalize it. Make it your own.

But always remember that the form is no substitute for the guidance of a competent, local lawyer. I strongly recommend that you take this to a lawyer in your town or city for review.

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Notice of Past Due Account

To: ______________________________________________

Date: ____________________________________________

Address of Leased Premises: ___________________________________________________

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There is still a balance due on your account of $_______________. This amount includes:

Rent past due $_____________________
Accumulated late charges $_____________________
Damages to the property $_____________________

You are legally responsible for payment of the above-stated sum. Please contact me regarding when and how you intend to resolve this matter.

Demand is hereby made upon you for the immediate payment of $__________________ to Landlord.

If payment or satisfactory arrangements for payment are not made within ______ days, I intend to take all necessary legal actions to collect the sums due me, including court costs and attorneys fees.

Thank you for you prompt attention to this matter.



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